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PACE (Police And Criminal Evidence Act) And RIPA (Regulatory Investigative Powers Act) - One Day - T0231bQU


The aim of the course is to provide an update of RIPA and PACE (and its associated Codes of Practice) to experienced officers who have a basic knowledge of RIPA and PACE at present. The course will provide the officers with sufficient information so as to allow them to carry out surveillance operations and other associated work in compliance with RIPA, and to carry out enforcement work in compliance with PACE and its Codes of Practice, in addition to any other statutory or accredited guidance issues by professional bodies, i.e. LACORS, TSI, CIEH, etc. Course participants will be given clarity of the role required in order to fulfil their requirements.  The course is designed to feed directly in to best practice issues within the context of the role required.  Course participants will undertake a test at the end of the course.


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