About Us

ICIS offers high quality training, clinical and therapeutic support, therapy intervention programmes and consultancy and education services to professional and support staff in the public, private and voluntary sector.

The breadth and depth of expertise we can offer clients is exceptional and encompasses every area of human behaviour and psychological health and specialities ranging from social work to probation. Indeed, our professionally qualified clinical staff and course leaders are regarded as experts in their field.

The company’s valuable combination of expertise and hands-on experience means that ICIS can offer:

  • Comprehensive, high quality services encompassing mental health, learning and physical disabilities, abuse and offending behaviours.
  • Close partnership working with clients to achieve mutually agreed objectives and ensure a unique service developed to meet their individual or group needs.
  • A robust and flexible management and administrative framework that enables us to respond rapidly to client request and more than satisfy any statutory timescales.
  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of all services and regular reviews of on-going consultancy work with the production of a full clinical report.
  • A unique combination of private, public and voluntary sector involvement and a commitment to dialogue and sharing of best practice.
  • Strong links with universities and professional organisations that put us at the leading-edge of training and development issues in human behaviour.

ICIS’ high professional standards are matched by our reputation for being direct, independent, proactive and people orientated.

This combination has gained us a solid client base, largely by word of mouth, throughout north east England and beyond. These clients include health authorities and social services departments; GPs; the police force; the prison service; voluntary and private agencies (including charities) and legal services and practices.